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Special note on Senioritis: a term used to describe the laziness displayed by students who are nearing the end of high school.  Its symptoms can include slowness, procrastination, apathy regarding schoolwork, and a tendency toward truancy.  This imagined affliction is a symptom of students' complacency once they have all but guaranteed their place in college or in the graduation line. After college admission letters arrive in early spring, high school seniors feel even less pressure to push themselves academically.

2014-2015 Course Syllabus
.Unit Study Guides

Unit I Study Guide

Unit II Study Guide

Unit III Study Guide (Congress)

Unit IV Study Guide (The Executive Branch)

Current Events Assignment:  Students will be required to complete a brief assignment involving contemporary political events as they apply to the key concepts in US politics.
Students should write in formal written English.
The first paragraph will be the actual summary of the article.  (20 points)
The second paragraph will explain how the information contained in the article applies to YOU and what is being studied or has been studied in each unit of the course.  The student wants to also determine does the information reaffirm or even contradict what we have studied.  Also, identify the perspective the article was written from, more importantly, was there any bias? (50 points)
Write 3 “follow up” questions.  After the student has read the article, what do they need to know more about. (20 points)
On a second sheet of paper, securely attach the newspaper article read.  (Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time, US News and World Report, Newsweek, The Economist, Christian Science Monitor, the Associated Press) (5 points)
Write on the article the source from which it was obtained, and the date (within the last 6 months) on which it was published. (5 points)