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Street Law Required Cases briefs

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2018 Course Syllabus

Unit I Foundations Syllabus

Origin of the Species Economist Article
Perils of Extreme Democracy
The Case Against Democracy
Utopian Governments Assignment

         Chapters 1-3 quiz articles

The Four Philosophers

Unit II  Civil Liberties/Civil Rights Syllabus
Supreme Court notebook instructions in course syllabus

         Readings for Chapter 5 online quiz

         Readings for Chapter 6 online quiz

Case quote game

Unit III Voter Behavior, Media, Elections Syllabus

        Linkage I Readings quiz articles

Political Socialization packet

Why the Electoral College (general interest)

Unit IV  Political Party/Interest Groups Syllabus

        Linkage II Reading quiz articles

Unit V Syllabus Congress

Redistricting game directions

Unit VI Syllabus The Executive Branch

        Chapter 14 Reading quiz article

        DMV vs. McDonalds"  a must read

        Marking Time

Unit VII Syllabus The Judicial Branch

        Chapter 16 Reading quiz article

How to write free response

For AP quizzes click on the link below:

Justice Antonin Scalia interview on originalism vs. judicial activism

Great Charlie Wilson (former Texas congressman) commericials

Can do statements for reviewing

Unit I  

Unit II--Civil Lib/Civil Rts

Unit III--The Media, Elections, 

Unit IV--Political Parties/Interest Groups

Unit V, VI, VII--Congress, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch
Constitution Convention attendees:  Google your names and find the following information:  Their age at the convention, college education, married, kids, career and political experience, were they in the military, did they fight in the Revolution, did they sign the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and were they naturally born here
Cornell Notes Template
Supplemental Readings:

Why do Elections Cost So Much?

Why the Primaries?