Mr. Long's Powerpoints

Attention students:  You are welcome to print these powerpoints as you need and use in class.

Classifying Governments

Classifying Governments (AP only)

Foundations of Government

Constitution Convention of 1787 (AP only)

Convention of 1787 (US Government)

Federalism (AP only)

Federalism (US Government)

What were the Anti-Federalists for? (AP only)

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Powerpoints

Your Civil Liberties

Rights of the Accused

Right to Privacy

Civil Rights

Linkage Institutions Powerpoints

Media in Politics (AP Government only)

Mass Media

Political Behavior powerpoint

Voter Behavior:  Should all people vote?  Click this link and find out some peoples' view

Elections, Campaigns, Nominations  
Click here to see 20/20 video on problems with campaign finance reform (watch all of video)

Interest Groups

Interest Groups (US Government only)

Political Parties

Institutions powerpoints


How a Bill Becomes a Law

Powers of Congress (US government only)

Bureaucracy  Click this link and watch 20/20 video on bureaucracy troubles

Budget Process (AP only)


Presidency (US Government only)

Bureaucracy (US Government only)

Judicial Branch