AP Comparative Government

What are Governments for powerpoint.

Democratization powerpoint

Chapter 1 powerpoint
Part 2

Chapter 2 powerpoint.

Chapter 3 powepoint.

Chapter 4 powerpoint.

Chapter 5 powerpoint.

Chapter 6 powerpoint.

Great Britain

Intro to the United Kingdom

Institutions Great Britain

Parliamentary vs. Presidential


Politics of Russia

Institutions of Russia

Peoples Republic of China

Cultural History of China

Institutions of China

United States of Mexico

Political History of Mexico

Institutions of Mexico

Measuring Development: Review

Nigeria - Be sure to read Briefing Paper, lots of good information

Political Culture of Nigeria

Political Institutions of Nigeria

Islamic Republic of Iran

Cultural History of Iran

Iranian Political Institutions
Democratization Briefing Paper

Globalization  Briefing Paper

Mexico Briefing Paper

Iran Briefing Paper

Nigeria Briefing Paper

Comparative Review

AP Comparative Government Syllabus